Changing Perspectives

Flora Faith-Kelly is Project Coordinator / Community and Professional Development in the Learning and Participation (Music) for Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Here, she talks about re-locating to Ireland while continuing to work with the Inspired Not Tired programme, and muses on the many twists and turns her working life has taken sinceContinue reading “Changing Perspectives”

Accentuate the Positive

In memory of Bill and Rose Sadly, we lost two of our dear, long-term participants of Young at Heart, Bill and Rose, at the end of 2020. Below are some favourite song lyrics which Bill sent to Zoe, to include in one of the group’s newsletter correspondences during the pandemic. “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive” is aContinue reading “Accentuate the Positive”

Zoom to Commune

“Witnessing one another weekly in our home environments, providing comfort to one another as we share more of our lives through WhatsApp groups, the sands of what is private or public are shifting for us all the time. Caring begets trust and from there we begin to let loose and play with our performative /Continue reading “Zoom to Commune”

Because it’s Thursday

Z O O MZoom, why does my heart go zoom?Why does my heart go zoomZoom, biddy boom‘Cos it’s Thursday. Zoom, always was scared of zoomAlways was scared of zoom,Zoom biddy boom,Until Thursdays. Zoom, come on let’s sort the roomViM will be here quite soon,Zoom biddy boom‘Cos it’s Thursday. Sung to the tune of the oldContinue reading “Because it’s Thursday”

Losing Touch

Our guest blogger Bethan Peters, Dance Artist and Facilitator with Voices in Motion, writes about the importance of reconnecting with touch while working within the parameters of the virtual world. By Bethan Peters Place one hand on your heart & the other at the base of your belly.Breathe into these two points of contact.Allow yourContinue reading “Losing Touch”


By Zoë Gilmour Below is a transcribed extract from a recorded interview with Mr B.H. of Young at Heart, a group of older people in Bellingham who until the outbreak of the pandemic, regularly hosted Inspired Not Tired music sessions with Zoë. Mr B.H. is a busy and active member of his local community, andContinue reading “Happy”


Sessions on Zoom – guest blog written by a Voices in Motion participant. There was, I think, not just for me but for all of us, a readiness to connect. That was before we even reached 10:15.I would breakfast, do the chores, bathe and dress, especially carefully for these times; maybe a necklace or danglyContinue reading “Connections”

Friend or Enemy

To continue the conversation about video conferencing being used in the absence of live groups during the time of Covid 19, we invited our friend and colleague Melanie Jones to write a guest blog. She is a dementia-friendly music and reminiscence arts practitioner who works for Age Exchange. ZOOM – friend or enemy! By MelanieContinue reading “Friend or Enemy”

New Frontiers

By Natasha Lohan On the brink of lockdown, I tentatively asked the members of The Befrienders if they had smartphones. I worried that our meetings in that room were about to be curtailed and I felt unsure what might become of this supportive group if dispersed to their homes and to isolation. To my surprise,Continue reading “New Frontiers”


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